Photo Recommendations:

• While you may submit a photo in “landscape’ or “portrait” layout, if your pet wins one of the monthly calendar pages it will better cover the page if it is a “landscape” format. Again, you can submit your photo either way.

• Make sure your photo is of high quality.  In the event your pet wins, the photo will be enlarged to cover the page. If the photo you submit is too grainy, we will not be able to use it though it may be chosen for the honorable mention page.

Want a guaranteed spot in the calendar?  Reserve a spot for a pet you would like to honor, who has passed or one you just have to show off.  Photo's will be displayed on back and inside back of calendars.  They will be displayed at 2  5/8" x 1  7/8" and will be tweaked if necessary to improved color or clarity. Calendars will be distributed mid October, 2020.

Are any of your clients or patrons animal lovers?  If so, you don't want to miss the opportunity to have your business shown off for a full month (or two) during 2021 in what promises to be the most popular calendar in the county... maybe the world!  Be sure to pre-order calendars as gifts or giveaways! Calendars will be distributed mid October, 2020.

Click here to send us an email with your pre-order of calendars.  Pre-orders are $8 donation each.  Once printed calendars will be a $10 donation. Calendars will be distributed mid October, 2020.