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Liesel and Grau Feder

We Adopted two kitties approximately 3 months old from the Stray Love Foundation based out of Magnolia Springs on Friday December 20, 2013.
The cats were named after their rescuers, a mother and her son, Amber and Cayden, who picked them up after being thrown out of a car window near their apartment.
Their transition into the family was almost instant as the Vizlas, Polly and Hoss, and kittens had no problems during introduction, immediately touching noses and ending up sleeping on mom’s bed (most popular place in the house) all together on their first day. Of course we did have the small misunderstanding when Polly was heard whining pitifully up stairs while Amber sat nonchalantly grooming her fur on one of the middle steps. Polly’s such a whoosh. The female is a black and tan tiger stripped with two tufts of extended hair that accent her ears and longish hair that stands straight out from her tale so as to perpetually appear in a state of being startled. She has soft amber eyes with a congenital cataract in her right eye. We have changed her name to Liesel; pronounced Lee zul which means God’s promise
in German.  Got the idea from the main character in a great movie we saw this weekend,
“The Book Thief”.  She is probably learning her new name pretty fast as I have used it multiple times to deter her from chomping my plants.  She is sweet and polite giving affection on her on terms.

The male is dark grey with medium gray marbling, eyes more yellow then amber and with prominent forehead and scrawny frame pretty much your typical ally cat.  His personality more than makes up for his lack of physically charm. He craves
attention with a single distinct “meow” and will stare up with adoring eyes until he has your full attention, nosing and head butting the dogs, me or anyone who will give him the time of day.  Once picked up, he snuggles your neck nose and ears,
purring with such volume and intensity, that I would describe it as an exceptional singing talent. Then he gets this rather silly look on his face when
he finally settles in to a soft lap, contentedly
kneading your chest, slowly blinking his yellow eyes, with a little bit of a pink tongue sticking out of his mouth.  We have named him Grau Feder, (Grey Feather in german).  Pronounced gr–OW Fe:de.

Many Thanks to the Stray Love Foundation for their loving care and commitment to stray animals and their selfless ability to foster both dogs and cats in their homes giving many animals a second chance. I was amazed to see the quality of care and conditions of their keep. Each animal treated as if it where their own pet.

Thank you for our Kittys, Liesel and Grau Feder.

Harry & Meg Vogt

Abused dog finally gets his wonderful forever home!!!! 

Chase was terribly abused when we rescued him.  Poor thing was petrified of everyone - especially men.  It took us more than an hour to even get close enough to put a collar on him.  This was in 2013.  He has been in foster care since but finally someone gave him a chance. Look at Chase... he looks so happy! Thanks Matt for opening your heart and home for an abused animal and making him feel safe, secure and loved.